“With Trial Template I have been able to turn my ideas for trial graphics into reality…”— Chris Dolan, The Dolan Law Firm




Everything Has Changed. We Have Too. We Can Help.

Trial Template was created as a means to offer small to mid-sized law offices access to the same quality of litigation graphics that larger firms have access to, no matter the case value. Our goal is to tell your clients stories clearly from big to small trials, mediations and arbitrations.

Now, so much has changed. We are all learning what it is to make sacrifices and face circumstances beyond our control. We know these times are difficult so we are reducing the cost of Trial Template to $8000 for the year and increasing available custom graphics time which now includes marketing. In addition to litigation graphics, firms will have access to utilize their yearly allotted 20+ Trial Template custom hours with our staff to help create videos, illustrations, 3d-modeling and animations, website design, print production, and more.

We are proud to say that since sheltering in place, we have helped several clients increase their case value and come to successful settlements in mediation. We have created stunning marketing campaigns so that our clients can continue to put out their message and earn the attention of new clients, and we have helped several clients revamp out of date graphics and tackle projects that had been set to the back burner.

We offer the highest return on investment and we want to help you get back up on your feet. Let's get to work